Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Name Game

Yawn, it’s late. The baby hasn’t been sleeping well this week, and I’ve been trying to do EMR (electronic medical record) training modules and study neonatal resuscitation after he goes to bed. It’s been quite challenging so far to find time at home to study. I’m hoping that the amount of things I need to do at home lessens, or that I get better at it. It must be very difficult to be a work-from-home parent!
Time is going to be hard to come by. My goal is to write a post twice a week on lighter rotations, and once a week on more difficult rotations. Writing is a valuable activity, and it’s definitely a good outlet for me.
This week was exhausting, but I think it went well overall. The husband and baby had a cold, but we all made it happily through the week. Going back to work is a difficult transition, but I knew that it would be long before it was here. Though challenging, it’s going as smoothly as possible. I’m very thankful for that!
I feel like writing about something light-hearted tonight.
Today I was thinking about how ridiculous I sound when I communicate with my son. Why do adults speak baby talk when communicating with infants? I don’t even realize that I’m doing it half of the time; I’ll catch myself (or a stranger will stare at me) talking nonsense and jumping up and down in the aisles of Target while shopping with my son.
Even the nicknames we have for our son are embarrassing. Our boy has acquired a disproportionate amount of nicknames in his short life, including (but not limited to)
babymon (it started as babyman - I frequently call my husband “dadmon”) the mons (also used to talk to my husband and son collectively), monsies (currently our fave), babes, bug, bean, bear, dude, the dude-ist, munch-munch, munchies, chubs, chubski;
There are also some nicknames we use only in certain situations: snoozy McSnoozerson (snoozy for short), crab crab, crab cakes, sneezy McGee, nude dude, splashy … the list goes on.   
Most of the inanimate objects in our house have names too, but I’ve already over shared enough for today.

Edit: I thought of some more nicknames we frequently use, based on the baby's hairdo: spikey, flatty, flat-head. I'm sure I'll think of more later.

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  1. I thought of yet another nickname for the baby: grog grog (when he's sleepy/groggy).