Monday, July 25, 2011

Things I Love/Loathe Right Now

What I'm loving right now:
- baby kisses (monsi [current nickname for our son] just learned to give kisses this week!)
- baby steps (he just took his first steps too)
- chai lattes (always a fave, but currently on a run with them)
- bookstores (I already miss borders)
- jogging with monsi (I love passing other joggers while pushing the jogging stroller)
- coupons (We save 100's of dollars a year, easily. Today I bought a brand new outfit for the baby for under 3 dollars. We've also been saving on chai concentrate, which is good since I've been drinking so much.)
- being silly with kids while at work
- being silly with son while at home (It's nice that someone thinks I'm funny)
- talking to first time moms in the clinic (I feel so connected to them!)
- seeing dads bring their kids to the doctor (It makes me feel so warm inside!)
- cooking at home (we've added a whole bunch of new recipes lately)
- my job, on the whole
- my husband taking care of me (I haven't done a load of dishes in days, he's awesome with our son AND he bought me flowers! Though he does lose a few points for repeatedly splashing me while I gave the baby a bath tonight.)
- yoga (stretching feels so good)
- snuggling (who doesn't love a good snuggle?)
- our church (we really feel like a part of our parish now)

What I'm loathing right now:
- working in the ER (I had to cover a night ER shift last week - I quickly figured out that it's not my calling, 3 hours into my first ever shift. I helped with some awful, awful tragic stuff. It was heartbreaking.)
- July heat
- construction zones (I go through 5 unique construction zones everyday)
- not having enough energy/time left to spend with my husband (after work, baby, and everything else, it's after 10 pm and I am just exhausted. Things are slowly getting better though.)
- our computer breaking
- unexpected car repairs (when it rains, it pours)
- our tomato plant growing 6 feet tall and not producing any tomotoes
- waking up at 5:45 on my days off (Thank-you, son.)
- not having enough time for my family & friends (I've been pretty anti-social since I've started working again. I haven't figured out how to balance everything yet. I still owe one of my best friends a return call from two weeks ago.)
- not having time to write in this blog (Saying I would have time to write 2x a week was a pipe dream)
- The Safety Dance (I've been listening to it daily for months because it puts my son to sleep. I just cannot listen to it any more.)

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